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Past weddings
Наталья Date of wedding: 20.07.2023
Uzbekistan, Ташкент Send Proposal
ольга Date of wedding: 20.08.2029
Belarus, Brest Send Proposal
Ірина Date of wedding: 17.05.2020
Ukraine, Ternopil Send Proposal
Ирина Date of wedding: 01.05.2019
Ukraine, Kiev Send Proposal
Иван Date of wedding: 20.03.2019
Ukraine, Kiev Send Proposal
Влада Date of wedding: 20.09.2019
Russian, Московский Send Proposal
Дима Date of wedding: 16.10.2019
Ukraine, Kiev Send Proposal
виктор Date of wedding: 31.03.2019
Ukraine, Odessa Send Proposal
kiraVit Date of wedding: 20.11.2022
Russian, Ageevo Send Proposal
Карина Date of wedding: 22.03.2019
Russian, St_Petersburg Send Proposal
Диана Date of wedding: 20.09.2025
Ukraine, Donetsk Send Proposal
Лилия Date of wedding: 07.06.2019
Russian, Moscow Send Proposal
Bookochka Date of wedding: 08.03.2019
Russian, Moscow Send Proposal
Margo Date of wedding: 12.07.2019
Ukraine, Kiev Send Proposal
Наталья Date of wedding: 17.07.2019
Ukraine, Kiev Send Proposal
Денис Date of wedding: 21.03.2019
Russian, Moscow Send Proposal
Анна Date of wedding: 20.10.2021
Ukraine, Kiev Send Proposal
Наташа Date of wedding: 30.03.2019
Ukraine, Kiev Send Proposal
Ирина Date of wedding: 08.03.2019
Ukraine, Kharkiv Send Proposal
Мари Date of wedding: 20.09.2019
Russian, Krasnodar Send Proposal