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Wedding Services - Hotels - Article
In nashem catalog the best temper Hotel, inn, Numbers for novobrachnh, molodozhenov. Please select the Own svadebny room at the Hotel together with us. Pervaya brachnaya night in shykarnh apartament for molodozhenov will become nezabvaemoy. We are all about svadebne rooms - prices, Pervaya brachnaya night at calving, calving rent, withdraw Hotel, svadebny at calving.

A special place for the wedding night - honeymoon suite

9e48934f4dfa4579672f0e248330fac0.jpgToday, almost every hotel boasts a honeymoon room. For the representatives of the hotel business - a kind of important "extra service", which enjoys a high demand and constantly brings considerable profit. But what is so special in the apartment for the young?

In any hotel room for the newlyweds different special features in comparison with the standard offerings. He has a specific design and has a set of special services. For just got married prepared unique conditions that are easily modified and supplemented, depending on the customer.

Despite the fact that the hotels are different in style, layout, method of organization, recruitment services, etc., portal noticed that all the proposed Room Suite peculiar to the same "skeleton".

Romantic decoration

As a rule, the apartments for honeymooners are drawn in a very gentle and nice colors: cream, ivory, pinkish, purple, etc. The furniture is also chosen not to scream, but unusual, for example: a bed in the shape of heart, a lot of soft puffs and armchairs, tables covered with velor, etc. Also required is the presence of "love" accessories, intimate lighting and candles.

Jacuzzi for couples

Often, an important attribute of rooms for the young is a hot tub, because what could be more romantic than to take a bubble bath together by the light of candles and glasses of champagne. You can use pretty attractive proposition - adding essential oils and rose petals in the water. Or as saving all that is necessary to capture them.

Higher level of service

Unlike regular customers to the newlyweds a special relationship. In their room before settling necessarily put fruit and chilled champagne (you can discuss with the manager, if the preferences of others). Also, customers are prepared to clean linens, towels, and a variety of cosmetic and hygiene facilities. Some hotels are pleased Suite surprises and bonuses. Options can be a variety of complimentary romantic dinner, a night at the hotel as a gift for the fifth anniversary, the discount for the next race, etc.

Food is scheduled newlyweds

After checking the newlyweds are offered breakfast with dishes, each featuring a whimsical forms. Are delivered to the room. The young may leave the schedule in advance when bringing food to them once again not to be disturbed.

Night in the honeymoon suite would be magical. It is an amazing place that is the best fit for the start of their life together. Here nobody will prevent the full enjoyment of each other, and the whole atmosphere will only contribute to it. This final stage triumph repeatedly reinforce the emotions of the wedding and make the experience truly memorable. And as a "bonus" you will have a place where you can come to "upgrade" memories.