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Only here all the details of family life, helpful hints.

Wedding Etiquette: 7 phrases that do not speak the newlyweds


We all love to gossip about this and that, but there are times when it is better to filter threads carefully. The wedding of your friends - just such a situation. Follow the rules and be guests who want to see the celebration of the marriage.

1 This wedding cost you a fortune!

If the couple would like to announce the cost of the holiday guests, they would have price tags attached to the bride's dress, the cake, and lots more, for what they had to pay the bills. But they did not. Hence, the sum is not subject to disclosure.
Want to make a compliment about a luxury holiday - praise the taste of the newlyweds in the choice of dishes, musical Band, address of code for the guests, etc.
In addition, the issues of the wedding budget in each family can be pitfalls. For example, most of the cost paid for the bride's uncle and it is - not a pleasant reminder of the groom. Or, the bride and groom took the money borrowed, but today they prefer to have fun, but think about the affairs of tomorrow.

2 When you're waiting for replenishment?

Yes, the course of your thinking is clear: as in a good realistic novel, after the wedding is only a beginning, and children - the first item in the list. But maybe your friends have their own view of things. Maybe they want to go around the world and working hard to move up the career ladder and touched by the overflowing diaper is not in their immediate life plans. And maybe they have not coordinated their wishes concerning the birth of the first child. In general, be considerate.

3 Are you getting married? And I remember ...

Even if you know the bride hundred years, remember how she wound up boyfriends "in dispute" and parties announced after a few drinks, that "life - a celebration" and marriage - not for her to think about it out loud today, out of place. Indeed, other guests at a wedding, for example, the groom's parents, know your old friend not long ago, and for them it is - a fairy home, the mother of their future grandchildren, support their old age, and so on and so forth. Nobody is obliged to comply with someone's, but given the solemnity of the moment, some of the memories of the wedding it is better not to voice.

4 Can you help me with ...

So nice to attend the wedding and watch the bride and groom. They are so beautiful, happy and carefree. This celebration was held for them and by them. They are really a lot and tried to intercede before, and so now do not need to bother with trifles. If, suddenly, you have filed meat instead ordered fish, or you uncomfortable chair, contact the coordinator, or performing his duties. Newlyweds on this technique deserve to be rid of solutions breeze.

5 N Is not invited to the celebration?

If you notice that someone that you are 100% expected to meet at the wedding, there is not, then this is a good reason. Option A: No, these people told the host side, which will not be on holiday. And option B: they were not included in the guest list. In any occasion for time and do not ask awkward questions. Certainly, once the couple was not invited to a celebration of a relative or good friend, this was preceded by some of the events between them and today - not a good time to declare to you the details.

6 Do you know how many couples are now divorced?

Today your friends are getting married, and the word "divorce" should not even sound at the festival. Want to talk about statistics, choose positive theme. A few hours ago, these people gave each other vows of love and fidelity. Do not they deserve to hear from you kind words and good wishes?

7 Well, today you will be hot is night?

Say farewell to the wedding night as a "thank you for the holiday," and "Goodbye" - no, no, no! Even if your company made jokes from the waist down, now - is the case when it is better to abstain. Thank the newlyweds for the cool evening and just wish them happiness and love. Now they need to do just that.