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Wedding Services - Wedding dance lessons - Article
The "wedding dance lessons" you can find detailed information on the work of the best choreographers - directors, school dances.

To pick up the unforgettable music or song for the first wedding dance.

Want to see your wedding day memorable for all the newlyweds and guests. And no wonder everyone knows that the dance of the bride and groom, it is the most beautiful and romantic moment at a gala event. site will help you to do this, turn the dream into reality. And it will not only be a pleasant surprise for your guests and for you personally, but those unforgettable feelings and experiences that you will remember for a lifetime.

Top 10 best wedding songs

b633eddc1bdbef8c28328fd2144fa4c8.jpgOn the wedding day is important, not only the visual part of celebrations: wedding dress, decorated cafe hall for a wedding, wedding car, wedding cake, hair. Of great importance is also the triumph of musical arrangement.

The American tradition of the first dance of the bride and groom have long been included in the compulsory program of Zaporozhye wedding the newlyweds.

Music for the wedding is remembered for a lifetime and is the association of the happiest days for two loving people.

We would like to offer newlyweds the top 10 wedding songs in 2013:

1. Adele - Make You Feel My Love

In first place was a young soul singer Adele. Her compositions are always filled with piercing lyricism, and a strong voice of a girl makes the songs are incredibly beautiful.

2. Train - Marry Me

American band Train was the author of more than one wedding a hit. Vocalist Pat Monahan has repeatedly said that first composition consisted of poems, executed a capella. But later, the musician was inspired to create a complete song.

3. Brad Paisley - Then

Country musician Brad Paisley in the song Then talks about his love for a woman. He recalls their first meeting, kissing on the porch and place of their meeting. In the chorus he talks about how his love has grown in comparison to their first meeting.

4. Lonestar - Amazed

Still other representatives of the country music band Lonestar scene became the author of a popular wedding song. This song - a frank admission in the lightest of his feelings for the other half. "Amazed" lyrical hero can not believe that I met the girl of his dreams.

5. Taylor Swift - Love Story

Taylor Swift is known for country music singer. Her song titled Love Story liking is not one pair of newlyweds. In this song, she used images of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, that would show how strong love can be between two people, even if the odds are against their feelings.

6. Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are

The famous American composer, singer and producer also got his own wedding hit. Bruno Mars taught us the song take a loved one for what it is. He recalls that ideal at each person, so it is important to always be yourself.

7. MercyMe - I Can Only Imagine

American pop rock band performing Christian rock in the song I Can Only Imagine is not a declaration of love to his beloved, and Jesus. Nevertheless, the song turned out melodic, beautiful and sensual.

8. Colbie Caillat - I Do

Very musical composition by American pop-folk singer has notes of thanks to the ukulele and auxiliary drum beats. Song-recognition of a girl who thought life only about myself, but with the advent of a loved one in life is ready to tell the coveted "yes" to all the people on earth.

9. Christina Perri - A Thousand Years

Christina Ricci in her wedding song described the feelings of any girl in front of a cherished wedding day: it's love, but some fear of their choice. Yet the heroine songs decides not to give any disappointments destroy their love and fight for it until the end.

10. Rihanna feat Calvin Harris We Found Love

The duo of American singer and the Scottish Executive has become a hit around the world. What can tell a song called "We Found Love" as happiness is not about filling the two loving hearts.