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How to choose a wedding dress
To be the center of attention, to see enthusiastic views and feel like a real princess - so imagine the future bride's wedding day. And, of course, the first thing every girl dreams of - it's really beautiful wedding dress that can make her irresistible. But before the wedding, there is still a lot of preparation, and, not least, applies to them and buying a wedding dress. What to look for when choosing the dress and how to make the selection process as enjoyable as possible? We have prepared for you a few tips.
Perhaps you from childhood to detail fancy dress that will be on you in this important day. If not, before you embark on a shopping trip or car rentals - you should consider such things as the color of the dress, style and fashion, as well as to determine the amount that you can spend. Starting to search for the dress to be two to three months before the wedding day. It is important to choose a wedding dress is implemented without haste, and had the time to fit a dress "on the figure." Do not buy a wedding dress into the first store or complete the search, if you are not sure that the chosen model you exactly what you need. It is better to spend a few extra days to hike wedding salon than upset afterwards.

Color of the wedding dress
Despite the fact that the white color, as always, remains the classic color of the wedding dress, more and more brides opted for dresses, cream-colored or champagne. Not rare and completely color models or models with color inserts. The color of your wedding dress - it is solely your choice, and often, for example, red wedding dresses look breathtakingly. However, if you are not sure, it's worth gently to find out from your beloved, how is it your wedding dress. This will help avoid misunderstandings and disappointments in such an important day for you.

The style and style of wedding dress
Certainly, you should dress like it. But not least, it was going to you, stressed the advantages of your figure and hide flaws. Keep this in mind if you want to opt for a short wedding dress or gown of medium length. If you are the owner of a figure with a narrow waist (this type of structure is called "hourglass") you fit wedding dresses with a wide skirt "princess." Slender girl with can emphasize the waist with decorative patterns and choose a dress with a particularly lush skirt. The bride, whose waist is less clearly expressed, we should look at a wedding dress straight cut. If you give up a fluffy skirt did not want to, it is better to create a volume with a long, wide trail.
Choosing a dress with open back and bare shoulders, remember that these styles look spectacularly only to owners of beautiful, smooth skin. Wedding dress with spaghetti straps is more appropriate for girls with broad shoulders, a deep cleavage looks especially beautiful at owners busts. Arriving at the salon, try to experiment and try on those dresses that are not exactly like you on the rack. Remember that the figure wedding dress, like any other, it looks quite different. And do not forget to bring a fitting man, whose taste you trust. This is, of course, easier for you to choose from. A sales consultants bridal salon "Catherine" to help you make the right choice.
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